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Anonymous asked:

can you please have my babies?
i'm not exactly sure how that's possible since i don't have a penis and all, but we can pretend. i like pretending, and i know you do too.

yes i can.

even as a virgin.

i will have your children.


megantrussell asked:

i <3 you
im so angry with you for moving away without me.
remember that time i called you a while back and i was crying because mitch was being a dick?
well, thankyou.
cause even all the way from california, where you couldnt kick his ass for me, you still made me feel better. cause thats what friends do.

so anyway, nothins wrong now.
just seein whats up


why in the world are you perfect?

i’ve been going through hell with all of my “friends” back in georgia. this is definitely what i needed.

i love you so much and i’m so happy i could help you at that time. :D

it’s what i do and what i’m here for.

don’t worry. in a short month + some days, we will be reunited. with alcohol. lots of it. ^_^

<3 <3 <3

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